Creating a Beautiful Look


A Smaller Size

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, many people have sought enhancements to make some areas larger than they were. It is a common wish for women to have a more prominent chest line, yet not all females would agree. Some of them go to a plastic surgeon and ask for a smaller size. The weight alone of large breasts can be difficult to bear on those with a smaller body frame, and it can cause issues with purchasing and wearing clothes. While it is a far less often performed surgery, it is still popular in some circles.

Reducing the size of the bust has been the dream of many women walking through life to the accompaniment of whistles, hoots, and even indecent proposals. The size of their chest is often due more to genetics than any other factor, yet they feel they suffer for it. Having a reduction done is generally considered cosmetic surgery, and insurance often pays little or none of the cost. If a woman’s health care professional can come up with a medical reason for the surgery, she is much more likely to get it done.

The operation for reduction does have its share of risks, and physicians do not recommend it for women planning on having children and possibly breast feeding. While any surgery carries a risk due to anesthesia, there are further complications that can result. They include infection, asymmetry, damage to the glands that produce milk, and even nerve damage can result. It is not an operation to consider lightly, and patients might first try exercise to tighten the chest muscles and tone the area.

This is one of the few surgeries considered cosmetic that not all doctors are willing to perform, and many would rather wait until childbearing is no longer a possible complication. It may be difficult to wait out the years, but an eventual reduction could be a pleasant retirement reward.